East of England Transfer Service | Royal Papworth Hospital | Last update 30th Dec 2020

Royal Papworth Hospital is the Transfer Service provider to

The East of England Critical Care Operational Delivery Network.

This referral platform should be used if you wish to make an urgent request for patient transfer from East of England Transfer Service (Royal Papworth Hospital). 

Click here or the link below to begin your referral.

Before completing a referapatient referral:

If you do not have all the patient information available at the time of referral, please enter ‘unknown’ where applicable.

Please upload your transfer form when available.

You can use the additional information free text box for relevant details not elsewhere entered.

Please provide direct contact details where possible for patient location and destination.

If you need to speak to our on-call transfer nurse directly then please AFTER submitting your online referral also call 07385348683 or switchboard at  01223638000.  

If your referral is urgent, and you have not had a response after a reasonable amount of time, then please also call either number. Regardless of the level of urgency, if you feel that you need to discuss the referral in detail via a telephone conversation, then please feel free to do this on either number provided.

referapatient® works best when you use a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


After completing a referapatient referral:

You should receive the following as your referral is processed:


An SMS alert “Referral received! If your referral is an emergency you can also call 01223638000 to speak to our on-call transfer nurse. 

A Referral Receipt


Details to log in and track your referral


In addition if your referral is an emergency or urgent referral you will receive additional SMS and voice alerts:


“The specialist is now reviewing your referral. Handover your referral at www.referapatient.org to stop SMS alerts.”


“Response received to your specialty referral. Please check your inbox or log in. Handover your referral at

www.referapatient.org to stop SMS alerts.”

To hand over your referral and stop getting SMS or voice alerts when you go off-shift click here


To instant message (IM) the specialist with updates log in or click here