St Thomas' Hospital Arterial Hub | South East Vascular Network | Last update 3rd Nov 2020

This page signposts referral pathways for All VASCULAR patients with acute vascular
conditions that require Emergency or Urgent Transfer or Advice. 

All Patients will need a referral form completed via referapatient, if in any doubt
about urgency ring on-call registrar 07717-513-348

Please detail the Covid-19 status of​ patient. Suspected or confirmed Covid-19. 
Confirmed Negative or Unconfirmed Negative. Only state confirmed negative if they
have negative test within 24 hours of referral.


    Imminent loss of life or limb


    Click here for instructions


    Risk of loss of life or limb within 24


    Click here for instructions


    Stable patients with non-life or limb threatening emergencies


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*Please include details of ward for inpatients (name of ward and extension).

If your requirements are not urgent see below 'When to refer to your local vascular clinic'.

To make a referral you will require the following:
1) Your patient's details including 10-digit NHS number
2) A Trust or email address
3) The referring Consultant’s Trust or email address

Please ensure that you have sent any images via the Image Exchange Portal to Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

referapatient® works best when you use a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

  • Treat in Community

    Not requiring a vascular referral.


    Manage in community



    Varicose veins not meeting criteria for  intervention
    Asymptomatic peripheral vascular disease

  • Outpatient Referrals

    Systemically well.



    Refer as ROUTINE on ERS to your local vascular clinic



    Symptomatic varicose veins
    Asymptomatic carotid stenosis
    Leg ulcers (non-arterial/ non-diabetic)
    Post-thrombotic syndrome (>28days from iliofemoral DVT)

  • Urgent Referrals

    Stable yet require an urgent opinion.


    Refer as URGENT on ERS to your local vascular clinic


    Chronic limb ischaemia (rest pain, night pain)
    Incidental findings of abdominal aortic
    Deep Vein Thrombosis

*For diabetic foot referrals please see your local footcare pathway*

*For Carotid referrals please follow local Stroke Pathway*